Eugene Human

Owner | Architectural Designer | Senior Roofing Specialist

Eugene graduated with a diploma in architectural draughting in 2005. He's an attention to detail anomalous. He previously was a roof designer for 15 years, designing homes,buildings part-time since 2002. He then made the bold step to follow his passion as a full-time architectural designer specializing in exposed roofs.

Eugene is still working on one of his favorite projects ever and basically designed the entire island's roof trusses located in Seychelles, Eden Island.

He started a second company called RUFE - Precision Roof Designs which works hand to hand with his architectural company and specializes only in aesthetically sound roofs. Having the experience makes it much easier and the possibilities are endless when it comes to creating a roof structure the client so desperately deserves.


Loves: Coffee
Super Power: The ability to see everything in a positive manner

Sport: Mountain Biking, Cricket, Rugby

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